Staff and BOD

— St. john’s ministries staff

Our organization’s culture emphasizes the concept of family.
This is true for staff, as well. When you come to work at St. John’s Ministries
you are not simply filling a position, you are joining a family.

There are five words that make up our team guiding principles (GRITJ):
Grace, Respect, Integrity, Tenacity and Joy

Leadership Staff

Lexie Wood

Executive Director

Rob Frazier

Associate Executive Director

Julie Kozak

Director of Business Administration

Steve Schauer

Director of Community Engagement

Joe Wilmet

Shelter Manager

Bob Pigeon

Security Director

Tia Sirmans

Human Resources Manager

Christian Jensen

Development Director

St. John’s Ministries Team

Clayton Abs

Case Manager

Jesse Brunette

Community Engagement Specialist

Becca Delvaux

Associate Shelter Manager

Roberta Gaither

Associate Shelter Manager

Brooke Graham

Volunteer Coordinator

Heather Love

Executive Assistant

Courtney Mabie

Case Manager

Char Rake

Wellspring Office Manager

Eugene Smalls

Case Manager

Tony Schneider

Community Engagement Specialist

Katie Stratton

Case Manager

Brandon Taylor

Security Liason

Tollef Wienke

Case Manager

Kim Wilke

Micah Center Office Manager

Board of directors

Dennis Grusnick, President
Bill Kinnard, Vice-President
Ted Zeiman, Treasurer
Theresa Ostert, Secretary
Dave Pietenpol, President Emeritus
Peter Weiss
Jessica Beauchamp
Eddie Boyce
Debbie Patz
Karen Konrad
Rick Allcox
Lt. Erin Bloch
Antonio Le

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