Services and Resources

We help the homeless and those at-risk in Green Bay with shelter and resources to get back to self-sufficiency.

Who does St. John’s serve?

St. John’s Ministries serves adult (18 and older) men and women. We are a seasonal, emergency shelter of last resort, meaning we are the last stop for individuals before an individual has to sleep on the street in the harsh winter elements.

How can I receive services?

Individuals seeking shelter are asked to call 920-436-9344 for more information about check-in times and what items are allowed in shelter. Those who are homeless or at-risk have the ability to utilize our daytime resource centers (the Micah Center and Wellspring) for services and programming. Each daytime resource center has full-time case managers, a computer lab and support groups. The Micah Center also has on-site medical and mental health/AODA services.

What resources does St. John’s provide?

The Micah Center and Wellspring each have a computer lab for those needing to use the internet, along with a variety of programming and classes. Those who are homeless or at-risk can take a class on Positive Choices | Sobriety Support | Relationship Building | Housing & Budgeting | No More Excuses | Art Therapy | Foodwise | RentSmart | Job Readiness | Ted Talks | Service Opportunities and more.

There are also five full-time case managers on staff to assist individuals in goal setting and breaking down barriers. The Micah Center also offers on-site medical and mental health/AODA treatment. The Joseph Project, a faith-based, four-day intensive job employment training program is offered for anyone at the Micah Center.

What other community resources are available?

St. John’s Ministries works closely with other like-minded non-profits, along with government agencies to guide adults to the resources they need if St. John’s doesn’t offer them.

Giving and Donations

St. John’s Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit and is fully funded by the community through monetary donations and donations of food and items.

If I donate, what will my funds be used for?

Over 82 percent of all monetary donations go directly to guest services. St. John’s Ministries operates two seasonal, emergency shelters of last resort (Men’s Shelter and Women’s Shelter) and two daytime resource centers (Micah Center and Wellspring). Guests are provided a warm place to sleep and a meal in while utilizing shelter, while also receiving resources at the Micah Center and Wellspring.

In what ways can I donate financially?

Monetary donations are accepted in a variety of ways: online via a credit or debit card, mailing in a check, gifts of stock, IRA qualified charitable distributions, donor-advised funds and bequests. If more information is needed please contact Director of Community Engagement Steve Schauer
(920-617-8700) to receive clarity on a question.

What types of donation items does St. John’s accept?

St. John’s Ministries accepts a variety of items for direct guest assistance and donations different depending on the time of year. Please check our monthly wish list or view or Amazon or Walmart wish lists to donate items.


St. John’s Ministries wouldn’t be able to serve the homeless or those at-risk without its dedicated volunteer pool.

What kinds of volunteer opportunities are there?

There are a number of ways to volunteer with St. John’s Ministries, including but not limited to being involved with a breakfast or dinner meal team, sorting donations and filling guest request forms, doing laundry at each shelter, serving in a hospitality role to connect with guests, assisting the office manager at each daytime resource center or being a lead receptionist at either shelter or helping clean one of our four facilities.

How do I become a volunteer?

If you want to become a volunteer please fill out our online volunteer form or connect with our Volunteer Coordinator, Brooke Graham via email.

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