Associate Shelter Manager — Sarah Tomac

Before coming to St. John’s Ministries, I spent 16 years in the Early Childhood Education field, earning my Bachelor’s Degree in psychology during that time. I started at St. John’s Ministries as a seasonal staff and worked part-time for six seasons before accepting the position of Associate Shelter Manager. As a staff, we often say, “When you come to work at St. John’s Ministries, you are not simply filling a position, you are joining a family.” I have found that to be absolutely true. I am thrilled to be part of a team that loves and supports each other and has the common purpose of helping guests leave better than when they came. In my role, I assist with shelter operations, making sure our guests have a “soft spot to land” so they can get ready to move forward and make positive changes in their lives.

Outside of St. John’s Ministries, I enjoy spending time with my husband and four children, attracting critters to my yard with native plants, and assisting with choir directing at my church.

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