Executive Assistant — Jordyn App

I joined the St. John’s team in search of more consistent work after a number of years in the foodservice industry. Even though managing a bar and serving at a wine lounge provided some amazing growth opportunities, I was ready for something less performative and more meaningful (to me).

Now, in my current position, I manage our Executive Director’s email and calendar, process donations, and assist with special projects. My office is situated inside our daytime resource center, which puts me in close proximity to a lot of our guests. I love observing the many kinds of people that come through our center on a daily basis as they do the deeply personal work of achieving self-sufficiency. On our busiest days, the momentum is infectious. Combined with the compassion and camaraderie of our staff, I often feel like I’m working at one of Green Bay’s most special places.

When I’m not at work, I love movies, writing, rollerblading, growing my music collection, dancing & dinner parties with my friends, and spoiling my beloved dog Seli.

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