Sheltering Hearts Together: A St. John’s Ministries annual campaign


If you’re new to asking others to donate to a cause you care about (or just need a few quick pointers), we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled some straightforward tips to assist you in confidently helping those experiencing homelessness!

People want to make a difference!
The #1 reason people don’t give is because THEY ARE NOT ASKED.

Get a yes: People are more likely to help than most of us think! People
say “yes” to requests for help 7x
more often than saying “no”.

Statistics speak: 39% of Americans
say they’ve donated to a charity because of a request from a
family member.

Gifts have an impact. During the
2022-23 shelter season, there were 605 adults who received shelter services because of gifts from the community.


It’s been proven that people want to help and there are still a few things we can do to increase the (already good) odds of hearing “yes”!

The ask must be personal! Your friends and family love you, and they want to help. Share why St. John’s Ministries’ mission is important to you.

Explain your personal goal! If your friends, family, and community know how much you are trying to raise, they will understand the impact even more.

Consider making a personal gift to the campaign. (Your family and friends are more likely to give if they see you are invested in St. John’s Ministries mission.)

Talk about the impact! The Sheltering Hearts Together campaign page includes information about exactly what gifts can do for those experiencing homelessness. People love to know how their gifts make a difference!

Gratitude matters for those who give a gift! ​Give friends and family a personal shout-out on social media when they commit to donating. Send a thank you text, email, social media post, or even a handwritten note. Heck, make a phone call and tell them in your own voice.


Copy and paste the message below to help build out your own personalized message! Add pictures and elements of your own story and you’re almost guaranteed to hear “yes”!


_____ (insert name to make it personal)

I don’t want people to sleep on the streets cold and lonely! From now until November 12, every precious heart and soul of our brothers and sisters on the streets can be saved. Gifts to St. John’s Ministries provide critical shelter services and daytime resources. Let’s build a foundation for those on their own to stand again in a life of self-sufficiency.

Will you consider a gift today? It will change the lives often overlooked and forgotten! Visit to make a difference!


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