Sheltering Hearts Together: A St. John’s Ministries annual campaign



You’ve just made a significant impact on the lives of those struggling with homelessness. You’re still overjoyed with the impact just made. Now it’s time to give thanks to those in your network who also made a gift.

Now what? 

  • It’s time to give thanks and send a text message, post on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms, or make a few phone calls. Your network of friends, family and coworkers deserve a high-five and a few words of appreciation. You couldn’t have done it without their gifts.
  • Remember each donation made provides life-saving shelter services and forward-moving resources for those trying to stand alone on their feet again. You understand the challenges of returning to self-sufficiency. Now share personal stories of impact.

Whatever way is best for you, simply start reaching out—text message, phone call, video chat, social media post, direct message, email, or even conversation. People need to know how appreciative you are and the significant impact they made TODAY on someone in shelter!

Here are a few tips for success when contacting your friends and family!

Celebrate with others—Each gift made
provides shelter and resources to the
least of these. Talk about those who
can now stand on their own again
because of the gift made.

Explain the impact—It costs $33.43 to
shelter an individual per night. That is
over 7 nights of shelter provided by you
and your network.

Share, share, share!—Use the “share”
button on the campaign page to spread
the word. The more people who celebrate
with you, the more educating can be done
about homelessness in our community.


Copy and paste the message below to help build out your own personalized ask! Add pictures and elements of your own story and you’re almost guaranteed to hear “yes”!​


_____ (insert name to make it personal)

I don’t want people to sleep on the streets cold and lonely! From now until November 12, every precious heart and soul of our brothers and sisters on the streets can be saved. Gifts to St. John’s Ministries provide critical shelter services and daytime resources. Let’s build a foundation for those on their own to stand again in a life of self-sufficiency.

Will you consider a gift today? It will change the lives of the often overlooked and forgotten! Visit to make a difference!​


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