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St. John’s Women’s Shelter assists women who would otherwise have no place to be and possibly be on the street. Along with a bed and a warm meal, St. John’s will connect each guest to resources and support to reach their goals.

I’m Homeless. What Should I Expect?

Individuals will seek shelter each year. Of those, many will secure housing with the help of a case manager and transition back into self-sufficiency. Many return to volunteer as a way to thank the shelter for the support they have received. Some have even come on as paid employees! At St. John’s Women’s Shelter, we embrace the concept of family. We will welcome you in with open arms, and walk alongside you in your journey.

Is St. John’s Women’s Shelter the appropriate place for me?

St. John’s Women’s Shelter is a seasonal, emergency, last resort shelter for adult women. It is one of six shelters in the Green Bay area and each has a specific focus. First, see if you are eligible for one of the shelter programs listed below:

  • Golden House – A domestic violence shelter for singles and families. If you are a victim of domestic violence, please call 920-435-0100.
  • Freedom HouseA family shelter for adults with children. Call 920-432-4646 for more information.
  • House of Hope: A family shelter for young mothers between the ages of 18 and 24. Call 920-884-6740 for more information.
  • NEW Community Shelter – A year-round, program-based, shelter for adult men and women. If you have not previously resided at New Community Shelter, please call 920-437-3766 to determine your eligibility prior to seeking shelter at St. John’s Homeless Shelter.
  • Safe Shelter – A temporary shelter to homeless adults 18 years of age. Call 920-932-3380 for more information.

Your eligibility criteria states I must be able to provide complete self-care. What does this mean?

St. John’s serves many vulnerable adults dealing with many different issues. However, everyone that presents for shelter must be able to meet some basic criteria. Self-care includes the ability to bathe, feed, and move about the shelter independently. If addiction or illness prevents you from meeting this requirement, you will be referred to another agency or appropriate medical provider for support.

If I come to St. John’s Women’s Shelter, what should I expect?

St. John’s Women’s Shelter requires everyone to submit to multiple background checks prior to entry. However, a criminal record will not ban you from shelter unless you are on the sex offender registry or have an open warrant. If you have an open warrant, police will be notified. You are eligible to return for shelter once the warrant has been resolved.

All guests of the shelter go through a security search prior to entering shelter each evening. This is done to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Please be prepared to have your bags and person searched.

Once in the shelter, you will complete an intake with an intake worker. In the days following your intake, you will complete an orientation with a case manager. Together, you and your case manager will discuss goals, dreams and next steps. Your case manager will be with you throughout your stay in shelter. They will match your intensity for working on goals, securing income and finding housing.

In your first week of shelter, you will complete a housing application for ICS (Section 8) and any other appropriate transitional living programs. Additionally, you will meet with the doctor on-site for a yearly TB screen.

Can you help me get a place?

St. John’s Women’s Shelter assists many individuals in securing housing each year. See the housing page for more information on programs available. We will provide you with all of the support and resources available to you to assist in your housing search, however, we do not have a list of available apartments. You must be the one to do the leg work – your case manager will work as hard as you.

It sounds like St. John’s Women’s Shelter is the place for me. When do I check-in?

St. John’s Women’s Shelter opens its doors during shelter season (November 1 to April 30) each day at 5:00 pm. You can check in any time between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Please bring a photo ID if you have one in your possession. If not, you will need to work to get your ID during your first week in shelter.

St. John’s Women’s Shelter never turns someone away due to capacity. If you are eligible to stay at St. John’s, there will be a bed available for you. Please note that as a last resort shelter, staff will be calling to verify that you have no other housing options at this time.

St. John’s Women’s Shelter assists women who would otherwise have no place to be and possibly be on the street. Along with a bed and a warm meal, St. John’s will connect each guest to resources and support to reach their goals.

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