Empowering Women

Wellspring is a daytime resource center just for women in the heart of downtown Green Bay. The center provides a peaceful, caring place to connect with other women who are facing similar issues and difficulties, especially when their lives get very challenging. For many women in transition, Wellspring serves as another family, a place to belong, a friend away from home – with programming focusing on mind, body and spirit.

Wellspring serves more than 300 women who visit more than 4,200 times a year seeking peer support, personal growth opportunities, resources and referrals. We welcome any woman who is at least 18 years old.

Heal and Become Empowered

Wellspring offers services to women who are homeless, living with mental illness, disabled, facing financial issues or in broken relationships. We provide safety, security and belonging through peer support, personal growth opportunities, resources and referrals so they may heal, connect and grow to be successful on their feet again.

Our professional staff and volunteers work to empower women to reach their fullest potential. Within a compassionate and accepting atmosphere of women of all cultures, age, economic statuses and religious backgrounds, Wellspring strives to elevate the mind, body and spirit. We foster an atmosphere of dignity and respect through networking, empathetic listening and mentoring. It offers meaningful resources to help women grow, renew and become empowered.

Wellspring Daytime Walk-In Offerings

Case Management

Wellspring is staffed with 2 full-time Case Managers who provide advocacy and support. Each guest staying at the shelter is required to meet with their assigned Case Manager to assess his or her needs/barriers and then create goals to meet those needs. Although the ultimate goal is to obtain housing, smaller goals are sometimes set prior to focusing on this. For example, if an individual does not currently have income, employment options may need to be explored prior to seeking housing options. In addition, referrals to community resources may occur at this time to assist. Finally, guests are encouraged to attend workshops held by Case Management at Wellspring. The topics are designed to educate on subjects related to self-sufficiency and strengthen the outcomes of goals that might be set.

Basic Needs

Wellspring hygiene items (shampoo, conditioner, soap, dental care, feminine products and more) are available. There are also food items available for breakfast and lunch that guests may make for themselves.

Computer Lab

Guests are able to access the internet and use computers for job searching, resume building, housing applications and more. Printing is also available.

Phone Use

A phone is available to guests to receive important and personal calls.

Peer Support

What we know is that connection to one another is one of the best ways we learn and grow. Guests utilize each other for support and friendship.

Receive Mail

Guests can use the Wellspring address to receive mail at this location if they do not have a permanent address.

Resources and Referrals

Guidance is given to those questioning where to go for help and which resources are available to them throughout the community.

Small Groups and Classes

We offer a variety of classes and activities designed to educate, enrich and empower women! Some of these include:

  • Personal growth groups
  • Nutrition and exercise classes
  • Artistic development, ranging from arts and crafts to musical instruments
  • Games designed to stimulate cognition and memory (and to have fun!)

Women for Sobriety Group

Starting in May, Wellspring will host weekly Women for Sobriety support groups every Friday at 10 am.

700 E. Walnut St.
Green Bay, WI 54301
Phone: 920-857-9587

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