The Joseph Project

Graduates of the Joseph Project receive transportation as part of the program to eliminate barriers and help them succeed. Are you a volunteer that wants to make a difference by transporting men and women to and from their job to help them regain a life of self-sufficiency? If so, please email Eugene Smalls (

These 11 individuals graduated from the Joseph Project in February, 2022.

The Joseph Project is a faith-based program that connects people to jobs. Participants go through a 4-day life skills training program and then are offered a chance to interview with a company willing to hire at a living wage.

“The Joseph Project has been an absolute blessing for me. Through the program, I have identified some barriers that have prevented me from sustaining employment in the past. I have a new confidence. I believe in myself. I am a winner.” —  Joseph Project participant

What to Expect

The initiative consists of a 4-day class at 301 North Adams Street, Green Bay. 54301, which promotes life skills, such as team work, time management, financial management, spiritual fitness, stress management, and conflict resolution to name a few. Program advocates will work with participants to develop interview skills as well as assist in the writing of resumes.

What to Bring

  • A positive attitude
  • Your resume
  • A willingness to learn

What to Wear

Be dressed for success!

How do I get Started?

Contact Case Manager and Joseph Project Coordinator Eugene Smalls: 920-530-8131 for more information and to get registered.

Eugene Smalls
Case Manager and Joseph Project Coordinator: or (920) 530-8131.

“Understanding how the interview process is viewed by the interviewer and the questions that we reviewed helped prepare me more thoroughly to succeed at my interview. Nailed it!” — Joseph Project participant

How it Began

The Joseph Project started as a constituent service through the office of U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson in collaboration with Greater Praise Church of God in Christ in Downtown Milwaukee. While traveling the state, the senator found that manufacturers’ number one concern was not having enough workers. Yet when he visited central city neighborhoods, the problem was not enough jobs.

Johnson staffers worked with Pastor Jerome Smith of Greater Praise Church of God in Christ to identify people ready for a life change, based on their attitude and determination. It is rapidly expanding and providing connections throughout the state for individuals who have a desire to work with businesses willing to pay a living wage.

Senator Ron Johnson

“In six years of traveling around Wisconsin, I have yet to visit a manufacturing company that can find enough people to meet their hiring needs, but you look at neighborhoods in Milwaukee and still see high rates of unemployment. That¹s why we started The Joseph Project. We saw a need for making the connection between people who are genuinely seeking opportunity and the opportunities that exist around the state. This project is designed for those who want to turn their lives around and experience the dignity of being able to provide for themselves and their families. Participants who have completed the program are earning good wages that allow them to buy cars, stay current paying household bills, and deposit savings in the bank. “

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