Involve your church

There are so many opportunities for your church to share God’s love with our struggling neighbors in our community. Opportunities include:

  • Monthly financial support
  • Volunteering throughout St. John’s Ministries
  • Serving a meal
  • Donation drives
  • Special initiatives and community outreach
  • Ministry opportunities
  • Bible studies in our guest areas
  • Church mentoring

For more information on getting your church involved with St. John’s Ministries, please contact Jesse Brunette at

St. John’s Ministries and Church Partnerships

St. John’s Ministries is a faith-based non-profit organization devoted to honoring dignity, restoring hope, and creating lasting change for those experiencing homelessness or housing instability in the Green Bay community. Faith has guided and sustained our work since our humble beginnings in 2005. We believe that each person is unique, with the same inherent worth as the day they were born.

Partnering with St. John’s Ministries provides an opportunity for your church and its members to engage, while serving the most vulnerable neighbors in the community. Homelessness is a community problem with a community solution.

Whether your church is a small gathering or a large congregation, there are several opportunities to partner with St. John’s Ministries. Will you walk alongside guests on their journey to self-sufficiency?

Financial partnerships allow St. John’s Ministries to fund our mission and provide the resources to meet the unique needs of those we serve. Beginning with the 2022-23 shelter season, we now operate and maintain two gender-specific overnight shelters and two daytime resource centers. Supporting financially allows St. John’s Ministries to meet the basic needs at shelter and provide forward-moving resources. Click here to give now.

Donation drives are popular during the Lent and Christmas seasons; however, we have monthly wish lists to help serve homeless guests and shelter needs throughout the year. An organized donation drive allows your church to collect items like seasonal clothing, hygiene products, bus passes, and gift cards to help guests overcome daily barriers.

Preparing and serving a meal as a church group allows guests at St. John’s Ministries to feel compassion from the community. Many groups prepare meals at their church and serve at one of our two overnight shelters. We have a Community Engagement team ready to answer any of your questions to make this as seamless a fellowship opportunity as possible. If serving a meal isn’t possible, your church could also help with a service project or volunteer individually.

Prayer teams willing to offer prayers of strength, courage, and protection for homeless guests or those suffering in poverty. As a faith-based ministry, we are believers that prayer sustains and encourages our community when times are tough. Together we can share God’s love for our neighbors and ask for His guidance in service.

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