Donating Items

Making a Donation to St. John’s Ministries

We hope you will respond to a greater need by helping our guests through a donation of clothing. We have seen a record number of guests utilizing shelters this season and because of that, we have a greater need for the services we provide.

We ask:
What are the items our guests need most?
What items do our guests not need?
How can we take advantage of the limited space we have available to house donations while making a huge impact toward meeting guest clothing needs?

With your help, we can curate the selection of items we keep in our donation room so that guests can receive what they need most.

We know that homelessness IS hard, but your donations make it better. For this reason, we want to invite you to donate the items that make the most impact! The best thing we hear from the community is: “What do you need now?”

When selecting items to donate to St. John’s follow these “pro tips”!

  • Know the list – Remember that the items on our list are what are most needed and make the biggest impact on our guests.
  • Sort before you drop – Select the items on our list to donate to us, and donate any other items to a local thrift store.
  • Donate from the Wish List – Our monthly wish lists highlight critical clothing, hygiene, supply, and misc needs. These are often items we use daily and run out of quickly. For added ease of ordering, we also have an Amazon wish list.
  • If in doubt, call ahead – If you’re unsure if your items are needed at St. John’s, call 436-9344 to speak with a volunteer or staff member who can let you know!

Why does your targeted donation matter? You are giving the greatest need.

Donation Items NOT ACCEPTED:
Hand-Knit mittens/hats/scarves | Vests | Fleeces | Dress clothing | Ties | Purses | Cloth handbags | Turtlenecks | Sweaters | Camisoles | Polo shirts
Jeans with 29 length or smaller | Cosmetic bags | Mirrors | Sewing kits | Cosmetics | Pillboxes | Electric razors | Clocks | Puzzles | Suspenders | Dress shoes
Watches | Children’s clothing | Children’s items

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