Empty to Full (E2F) Meal Program

A cost-effective way to provide meals for your neighbors experiencing homelessness

Before joining the E2F Meal Program, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Brooke Graham at bgraham@stjohnsgreenbay.org.

WHO: The Empty 2 Full Meal Program is designed to accommodate individual(s) or groups of any size interested in meeting a real need of dinners for shelter guests at St. John’s Ministries. This can be a family or friends; church, civic or social group; or business with a heart to serve.

WHAT: E2F volunteers will prepare entrees for 40-100 individuals. The entrees MUST be prepared in oven-safe containers, ideally in 21×13 or 13×9 aluminum foil trays with covers. The entrees would then be frozen, either at the home/facility of the volunteer(s) or dropped off at St. John’s Ministries Men’s or Women’s Shelter. The entrees would then be served in the evenings when there is not a meal being made/delivered.

WHEN: E2F volunteers can cook and freeze entrees whenever they wish. The meals would be stored in a freezer and used in the evenings when a meal is not made/delivered. *KEEP STORAGE IN MIND WHEN COOKING & FREEZING ENTREES*

WHERE: E2F volunteers would have to use the kitchens at their home(s) or facilities to prepare the entrees. Once the entrée is finished the group could freeze the entrees overnight or until needed. If necessary, the E2F volunteers have the option of delivering the frozen meals to St. John’s Ministries to freeze on-site until needed.

HOW: Depending on the group, if there are several individuals or households participating, they could all split the meal evenly and prepare the entrees in their home to freeze and deliver later.

For example: A social justice group would commit to preparing two E2F meals each month. The group, consisting of six members (households), would ONLY be responsible for preparing their share of the entrees. If the group is preparing six entrée dishes, then subsequently each household would be responsible for one pan of the group’s selected entrée. The E2F meals would then be frozen for a later date and delivered to St. John’s Ministries or delivered to St. John’s Ministries to be frozen for a later date.

WHY: This meal team method alleviates the cost of one person/household providing and cooking an entire meal, while also providing a service opportunity for families, children, and individuals unable to come in person to volunteer at St. John’s Ministries. Not to mention this is going to meet a very real need for guests in shelter at St. John’s Ministries by knowing they will have a warm meal each night.

ENTRÉE EXAMPLES: Lasagnas, casseroles, chicken dishes, pasta/noodle dishes, and anything that can be frozen and reheated at a later date. Whatever the E2F volunteers decide.

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