What if feels like to be me – St. John’s gallery at the Art Garage

The homeless in our community are often forgotten if they are not seen. St. John’s Ministries’ mission is to honor the dignity, restore hope and create lasting change for those experiencing homelessness or facing housing instability in the Green Bay community.

Through art, guests of St. John’s are telling their story of ‘What it feels like to be me’, going through the challenges of being homeless on their journey to becoming self-sufficient. If everyone took a moment to understand that each person is unique, with the same inherent worth as the day they were born, the stories of our homeless brothers and sisters would be better understood.

The opening reception for the ‘What it feels like to be me’ gallery at the Art Garage is Thursday, May 5 from 5-7 pm. The gallery is open the entire month of May with viewing hours on Wednesdays (12-4 pm), Thursdays and Fridays (3-7 pm) and Saturdays (12-4 pm). Admission is free.

Items can be purchased by being the highest bidder. Scan the QR code at the Art Garage or bid on pieces via St. John’s event page.

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