Volunteer Spotlight: Giving Hope

A little over two years ago, Dave Mason and others wanted to resurrect the Men of Hope group at Hope Lutheran. They worked with their church and identified one of their group objectives as ministry in the community. That’s where St. John’s Homeless Shelter came into the picture. What began as a partnership between St. John’s and their men’s group last year, has expanded into a partnership that involves both men and women volunteering in service from Hope Lutheran. In fact, they were able to secure enough volunteers to cover shifts every Tuesday night through the end of the shelter season. They volunteer each Tuesday from 6-9 p.m. and usually have at least three people. Dave and the team of volunteers do a little bit of everything, including responding to staff needs, help in the kitchen, filling donations, clean-up, making lunches for those with jobs and interacting with guests to play cards or share a meal. When we asked Dave what someone else looking to volunteer should know, he said, “Do not present with preconceived opinions. Approach this as an opportunity to participate with your brothers and sisters in Christ.” He added that, “When our volunteers leave, they feel so thankful for the opportunity to participate.”

If you or a group you are part of are interested in volunteering, contact Volunteer Coordinator Brooke Graham at bgraham@sjehs.org or visit our volunteer webpage.

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