Travling through transition

As spring turns into summer, the snow melts and the sun shines, but it also rains. Remember last summer’s downpours? Our guests spend more time traveling to get things done. Meals are in a variety of locations. Showers are at Salvation Army. The Micah Center is open during the day on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and in the morning on Friday. St John’s is open, as it has been in the past, for ‘Drop-in Tuesday’.

If you imagine traveling a few miles in our guests’ shoes, a variety of needs emerge:

-larger, sturdier backpacks for carrying belongings

-weather-related items like disposable rain ponchos, sunscreen, and sunglasses

-clothing items like white socks and tank tops,

-sturdy bike locks

In addition, bottled water and granola bars are offered to guests as they head out each day, so having a steady supply helps us help our travelers.

If you would like to donate these items, or suggest other items we may not have thought of, contact Vicki at the Micah Center at 617-8700.

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