Three new washers needed at St. John’s shelter

Goal Reached, Thank you!

UPDATE: Because of the support of each of you, we have been able to reach our goal to raise funds for 3 new washers, extended warranties, and the cost to haul away the old washers. We are so thankful for your generosity! You have made a tremendous impact on the lives of our homeless brothers and sisters by restoring the simple dignity of clean clothes.


St. John’s Shelter does thousands of loads of laundry each year including clothes, towels, blankets, donations, pillows, bedding and other items. Our washers and dryers are used daily and are relied on to clean some of the toughest smells and stains. We have been lucky enough to have 5 washers and 5 dryers that fit perfectly in our little laundry area. Unfortunately, warranties expire, and machines wear out. At this point, we are down THREE washing machines and are in great need of replacing them. Consultation with appliance repair technicians and salespeople have all recommended we purchase another LG residential machine. Used washers will not offer any warranty and will not likely “fit” among our current units. The information below shows the specific unit we are hoping to obtain, as it will fit in perfectly under our already existing dryer and will have a 1-year factory warranty and a preferred 3-year extended warranty. Best Buy is working with us to provide an extended warranty to the units that they don’t normally offer, which is why we are asking for donations toward the units rather than for these to be purchased for us.

We are asking for donations of any amount that can be applied specifically towards 3 new washers for our laundry room.

Click on this link below to donate all or a portion of the cost for THREE new washers ($699/ea. + warranties): $2,200 goal. Any funds contributed beyond this goal will be put toward maintenance costs and replacement of future washers or dryers at St. John’s Homeless Shelter. (NOTE: We had an additional washer stop functioning completely as of April 25, so unfortunately we went from needing two to three new washers).

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