The Voices Project at the Micah Center

The Voices Project is open to any guest at The Micah Center, taking place in March on the 5th and 19th at noon. With lunch provided, you will engage in an activity, usually creative expression, that will then be used to educate the community about people experiencing homelessness. What we know is that “homeless” is not one’s only identity – we all are far more complex than that. As guests at The Micah Center you may be someone faced with homelessness, but you are also likely a brother or sister, an artist, a hard worker, a painter, a singer, a mother, and on and on. The Voices Project celebrates all of who you are and takes that into the community. Each time the Voices Project creates something, it is designed to leave the walls of the Micah and be displayed out in the community.

Here’s our simple description:

The Voices Project is here to share the voices of people experiencing homelessness. In each workshop, we create something new together, focusing on photography, art, video, music and writing. Use what you create to educate the community about who you really are.

In February, the Voices Project met twice and created a set of tile canvases and picture collages that represent “This is me.” If you know a place in the community where the tiles could be displayed, contact Alexa Priddy at or 920-617-8700, ext. 117.

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