The savior complex: New workshop series

“The Savior Complex”  AKA, Codependency, touches almost everyone in some way, shape or form. The workshop is largely based off of the best selling book by Melody Beattie, “Codependent No More.”  Beattie describes a codependent person as “one who has let another person’s behavior affect him or her, and who is obsessed with controlling that person’s behavior.”

People who have codependency may tend to be more concerned with the needs of others, when they should really be focused on helping themselves.  Codependents are reactionary in most areas of life and let other peoples behaviors affect them. For instance, they obsess over things they shouldn’t, they try to control outcomes for others rather than let natural consequences happen, obsessive “helping”, caretaking, low self-worth, self-repression, abundance of anger and guilt, peculiar dependency on peculiar people, attraction to and tolerance to unhealthy relationships, communications problems, and many others.

In this group we take quizzes to find out if perhaps you are a codependent and what to do once you know. We read chapters from the book by Melody Beattie, watch videos on the topic and learn how to reprogram this learned behavior that can cripple our lives. So far the group has been well received, and we are hopeful that the word will get out to more guests to come and attend!

The workshop is facilitated by Case Manager Sara Williams and lasts for 5 consecutive weeks, every Wednesday at 1pm at the Micah Center in the Green Room.  It is nice if those attending attend all groups from beginning to end, as each session builds on the next.  Although we always welcome anyone who wants to join at any time!

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