The doctor is in…

…The Micah Center, that is!

Each Friday, The Micah Center is gifted with Dr. Hale and the staff from Outreach Healthcare. Outreach Healthcare has a full exam room on-site at The Micah Center where they provide medical services to center guests, such as preventative screenings, general checkups, medical treatment, disability applications, referrals for dental and vision care, and other support services at no charge.

If you are a guest of St. John’s Homeless Shelter, The Micah Center or Wellspring, you are welcome to get medical care. No appointment is necessary. You can arrive and let our front desk Office Manager Vicki know you are here to see Dr. Hale. She will place your name on a list, and he begins seeing patients at 9 a.m.

Learn more about The Micah Center programs.

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