The ABC’s of guest needs

The ABC’s of what our guests are looking for at the Micah Center:

By Vicki, Micah Center Office Manager

Anticipated mail
Bus Pass
Cup of Coffee

A Phone
Beverage (soda, Gatorade, juice)

Afternoon snacks

Another chance
Better Bus hours (earlier, later, Sunday)
Compassionate Landlord

Tasty treats and transportation (bus passes) are wonderful gifts that we need all the time, but this list reveals that our guests also need people who can advocate for changes. Second and third shift workers need buses and places to sleep that will enable them to be refreshed for their next shift. Guests with various missteps in their past are looking for employers and landlords who will meet them and look beyond what seems black and white on paper. Thank you for all you do to recognize the humanity and dignity of all our guests!

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