“Thank you for caring about us”

“Thank you for caring about us.”  This was the comment I received the other day from a guest who was surprised at all that has been done to support him as we weather the COVID-19 crisis together. Imagine being told you are “safer at home” when you have no home of your own.

 With the support of caring community members just like you, St. John’s has been able to weather this crisis in a way that keeps our guests and community healthy and safe, expanding both the breadth and duration of our services to provide social distancing accommodations.

When we needed a site for our second shelter location, Spring Lake Church downtown didn’t hesitate. Recognizing an opportunity to be the church, they sought to provide shelter to our homeless brothers and sisters. Green Bay Community Church and the Greater Green Bay YMCA offered shower facilities.

When we were faced with needing three square meals for two shelter locations, the community stepped in to help. Our St. John’s meal teams, businesses, community groups and families rallied

with our meal coordinator Mike Westenberg to meet the need. Countless local restaurants even discounted or donated meals.

Companies reached out to donate protective equipment, cleaning supplies and furniture needed to support our shelter guests.

And when it was safe to re-open our Volunteer Program, our dedicated team of volunteers stepped in to help provide no-contact support in the areas of laundry, reception, donations, meals, and other essential tasks.

It’s humbling and awe-inspiring to reflect on and highlight the community’s love- your love- for the guests at St. John’s during this pandemic. This is who we are. We are St. John’s.

I ask you to consider a financial gift to help us continue providing not just services but love and care to our homeless brothers and sisters in this time of crisis. “Thank you for caring about us,” he said. But he wasn’t just saying that to me. He was saying that to each of you. Thank you.

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