Support Systems

Who is in your support system? A lot of us would name family members, loved ones, or close friends.

Case Manager, Courtney Mabie, often asks guests, “who is in your support system?” More often than not, they don’t have positive support systems to add outside of those they meet at shelter, whether it is staff or other guests.

“It can be humbling, and a real breakthrough, when guests name staff and volunteers as their greatest system of support,” said Courtney. “Over the weekend I had a guest ask if she could put me down for Power of Attorney.”

Many guests have experienced poor relationships and lack trust in others. They walk through our doors without proper support or loving people in their lives. Volunteers and staff at St. John’s Ministries may be the only support system they have. We must remember the positive impact we are having on the lives of others.

If you volunteer your time doing laundry or serving meals. If you donate money or winter supplies. It is important to understand the positive impact you have on your community.

Thank you to everyone that supports us throughout the year! Together we can honor the dignity, restore hope, and create lasting change for those we serve.

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