Summer Safe Sleep

Summer Safe Sleep (COTS) ensures no homeless person is forced to sleep out on the streets in an unsafe situation. While not a housing option, Summer Safe Sleep is a place for someone to come to be physically safe on a given night. It operates during the days St. John’s Homeless Shelter is not in operation (May 1 through October 31st).

How is Summer Safe Sleep different than the Shelter season?

This program offers only a safe, dry place to sleep at night and does not include the full services offered during our shelter season. No showers, meals, laundry or on-site case management is offered. Drop-in Tuesdays and Micah Center do address some of these needs.

Who is served?
This program provides overnight shelter (9:00 PM to 6:30 AM) to homeless adults in our community who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets. Homeless guests verify they have no other housing options, and the program is run at St. John’s Shelter at 411 St. John St. in Green Bay.

How will guests be helped?
The Micah Center will be open Monday-Friday to provide case management, breakfast, workshops, and resources to help someone on their journey to self-sufficiency.

Contact us at the Micah Center 920-617-8700 to learn more.

Visit the St. John’s Homeless Shelter webpage for details about services offered.

Visit The Micah Center webpage for details about services offered.

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