St. John’s Ministries doesn’t operate with a capacity

A recent news story creates confusion surrounding Conditional Use Permit

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion surrounding a recent news story published discussing the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) granted to St. John’s Ministries by the City of Green Bay. The reason for the update to our CUP at the Men’s Shelter is it now aligns with recent renovations to bathroom and shower facilities.

We would like to address several questions and concerns brought to our attention by donors and advocates in our community after reading the article.

  • There is a significant increase in the number of individuals experiencing homelessness in our community. Over the previous 10 seasons, St. John’s Ministries has seen a 45 percent increase in guests served. Our shelters have been open for one month this season and we have already provided shelter, support, and safety to 211 unique guests.
  • Although guests may choose to frequent St. John’s Park, the park itself is not a part of St. John’s Ministries, our shelters, or our daytime resource centers. It is a city-owned and operated park. Our staff and city outreach teams engage with guests at the park, much like other public places, in hopes of building relationships and guiding them toward the services provided by St. John’s Ministries and other community service agencies.
  • St. John’s Ministries shelters do have building capacities. The Men’s Shelter has a building capacity of 140, and the Women’s Shelter has a capacity of 55. However, this does not affect the number of guests served; we will not turn someone away unless an individual presents with an open warrant or is a registered sex offender. St. John’s Ministries works with local churches and organizations in the event overflow shelter is needed.
  •  St. John’s Ministries is an emergency shelter of last resort. We serve adults experiencing homelessness, who are not able to stay at other area shelters because of capacity restrictions or many other reasons. We know that without our shelters our guests would be forced to sleep in places not meant for human habitation.

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