St. John’s gives back

By Courtney Mabie, Outreach Case Manager

St John’s Gives Back is a way to empower our brothers and sisters who utilize St John’s services to create connection and give back to their community. By volunteering at local businesses and nonprofits, our guests are able to give back to a community that has helped them. In addition, they are able to create new connections which in return fill a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Our first “Give Back” opportunity was at Paul’s Pantry. We were able to help with the food line by helping with the flow and making conversation with other community members who were receiving groceries. After volunteering, guests had stated that they felt both fulfilled in helping other’s who were in need, as well as being able to build connections with new community members, along with being able to catch up with old connections.

We hope to continue our efforts with giving back to the community through different volunteer options. If you are in need of, or know of any businesses/nonprofits that could utilize some joyous, motivated and eager to help volunteers, please reach out to Outreach Case Manager Courtney Mabie via email:

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