St. John’s awarded $29,443 from Stand Together Foundation

GREEN BAY, Wis. — St. John’s Homeless Shelter has been awarded a $29,443 grant from the Stand Together Foundation of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. The grant will be used by five full-time case managers to create long-term stability in individuals who are at-risk or are experiencing homelessness in the Green Bay community.

St. John’s case managers work across three sites (homeless shelter, and two daytime resource centers – Micah Center and Wellspring) to provide 1-on-1 support for those at-risk or experiencing homelessness. They will also provide forward-moving workshops and programs on topics including housing, financing, job readiness, communication skills and empowerment, among others.

“In addition to overnight emergency shelter, case management is another essential component of the work we do,” said Executive Director Alexia Wood. “Case managers equip our guests with the tools they need to achieve self-sufficiency and provide compassionate accountability and support along the way.”

The Stand Together Foundation of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation began in early 2018 by a group of community-minded individuals joining forces to transform the lives of low-income adults, youth and families in the greater Green Bay area. Approximately $250,000 is granted annually to non-profit organizations helping move people from the brink of poverty to a place of economic stability and self-sufficiency. Priorities will include housing, education, workforce development, and basic needs.

St. John’s case management model is focused on moving guests forward in life. It doesn’t have time-limited programs that are based around moving guests through a curriculum and out of our services by a certain time. The organization has seen that moving people with high barriers on to self-sufficiency before they are ready only creates a cycle where not fully equipped, they lose housing or jobs, they feel that sense of failure and resort to unhealthy coping that brings them back to St. John’s doorstep.

An at-risk or homeless adult at St. John’s begins with a new guest orientation, which allows case management to walk alongside each individual on their journey to gain essential skills, self-esteem and self-worth and to follow them even after they are housed, employed and become self-sufficient. This is important so St. John’s can help them maintain, not

just achieve, their self-sufficiency. The case management model doesn’t only focus on short-term successes, but the primary focus is on long-term, lasting change that will positively impact the community and alleviate cycles of poverty or homelessness.

St. John’s two daytime resource centers – Micah Center and Wellspring – are staffed by five full-time case managers who assist in providing resources for men and women at-risk or experiencing homelessness. They offer each guest 1-on-1 case management, services to help seek employment and housing, and opportunities to increase one’s sense of self-worth through giving back. In addition, they collaborate with local organizations for mental health counseling and on-site medical care.

St. John’s case management

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About St. John’s Homeless Shelter, Micah Center and Wellspring:
The St. John’s Model is simple. Regardless of where you have come from, regardless of the choices you have made, and regardless of what led you to this position, you have dignity and worth. You are loved. St. John’s provides wraparound services to ensure that each guest is offered every opportunity to seek out the resources necessary to take steps towards self-sufficiency. This includes case management, mental health counseling, on-site medical care, services to help those seeking employment, and opportunities to increase one’s sense of self-worth through giving back.
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