St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter to begin transition to independent non-profit

GREEN BAY, Wis. (MARCH 7, 2019) — The leadership, trustees, and directors of St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter, Inc. (SJEHS), along with the Diocese of Green Bay, join together in announcing and celebrating an exciting moment in the life of St. John’s ministries (which includes the Micah Center and Wellspring). Beginning July 1, 2019, St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter, Inc. will become an independent nonprofit and no longer operate as a corporation of the Diocese of Green Bay.

“This transition comes after more than two years of careful planning to ensure St. John’s ministries will continue to thrive and embody the mission of Jesus by caring for those in greatest need in our community,” said James O’Neil, Chairperson, St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter, Inc. Board of Directors. “The Board of Directors and Trustees, along with the Shelter staff, applaud the many moments in which the Diocese of Green Bay, in word and in action, took a stand for our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. During moments of tension, bias, or opposition, the Diocese steadfastly supported and defended the need to care for the homeless in our community.”

Over the years, the ministry of SJEHS, Inc., greatly benefitted from the support of individuals and departments within the Diocese of Green Bay. Many services the shelter could not afford in its early years were graciously provided by the diocese at little or no cost. As an organization, SJEHS, Inc., will always be grateful for diocesan support as their ministry began and continued to grow.

Acknowledging the critical and ongoing role the Diocese of Green Bay has played over the years, the SJEHS, Inc., Board of Directors is also pleased to announce Bishop David Ricken will appoint a diocesan representative to its membership. This appointment will allow for a continued partnership between SJEHS, Inc., and the diocese, maintaining the commitment to serving the poor and vulnerable in the very way that Christ served.

This transition also reflects the reality that both SJEHS, Inc., and the Diocese of Green Bay are engaged in a variety of valued partnerships throughout northeast Wisconsin. The diocese has and will continue to be an advocate for ministries that care for the poor and the homeless, including SJEHS, shelters in Appleton and Manitowoc, and other charitable works rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While reverencing its Catholic roots, St. John’s has always relied on and benefitted from the support of houses of worship representing a variety of religious traditions. The ecumenical response to the needs of homeless persons in our community has been a testimony to our desire for unity and the strong faith present in our community.

Today, leaders from the Diocese of Green Bay and SJEHS, Inc., are confident the shelter and its affiliated ministries have grown to a point where they can flourish independently. St. John’s has become part of the fabric of the community and is a valued contributor to life in the city of Green Bay. This is a significant moment for the Diocese, for St. John’s Shelter and its affiliated ministries, and for all who have supported this important work.


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