The Golden Basket partners with St. John’s

The Golden Basket restaurant has partnered again with St. John’s Ministries to provide meals to our guests, through soup.

For every bowl of soup purchased at the Golden Basket (1350 S. Military Ave., Green Bay), owner Gus Bourantanis will donate a bowl of soup to St. John’s. This promotion ends on April 31.

This partnership between the Golden Basket and St. John’s began in 2021 after Bourantanis asked himself “what more could we do?” That’s when he thought of “Soup for Good,” a partnership that gives one bowl of soup to St. John’s for every bowl purchased at the Golden Basket. While Chicken Dumpling is a Golden Basket “favorite” we hope you try all their soups and know that the warm, nourishing comfort you feel as you eat is shared by one of your homeless neighbors at St. John’s.

The Need: During the COVID crisis, St. John’s has never stopped working to provide guests care, support and a safe place to seek shelter and remove barriers to self-sufficiency. We know that homelessness doesn’t stop when a crisis happens. Over the last 15 years, St. John’s has served as the community’s seasonal emergency shelter of last resort, the last stop before the streets for those we serve.

How to help: It’s actually very simple. Go to the Golden Basket, call in a to-go order, order for delivery or sit down an enjoy a bowl. Each bowl you purchase feeds another person in need. Make it a weekly dinner for your family, tell your friends and co-workers. The more momentum we have, the more bowls get purchased and the more guests at St. John’s get fed. But not only that, the guests at St. John’s will know that community members like you are thinking of them and supporting them with each meal. Give back in this simple way, and make a ripple effect of GOOD in our community with SOUP FOR GOOD!

The Golden Basket 
1350 S Military Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54304
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