Song profile: This is my home

“Most people look the other way, avoid eye contact and want to pretend they don’t exist,” says Howard Page. This is why he set out to write a song about people experiencing homelessness. Howard is from Cincinnati, and he has been connecting with communities across the country to share his song and help raise awareness about homelessness. He hopes people will listen, maybe feel a bit uncomfortable and think a little differently. Howard first met homeless individuals at the weekly community dinner at his church. There he learned that many people experiencing homelessness are there for reasons beyond their control. Howard also worked with a man who was previously homeless, who had lived under a highway overpass. These experiences inspired him to use his musical talents to create this song, “This is My Home.” When he shared the song with his former co-worker, he listened, cried and said the experience in the song felt true to him. Howard says that it was his intention to create a story that shows that homelessness could happen to anyone, and for people to think: “that could be me.”

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