Sharing your gifts and joining the St. John’s Race Team

By Mike Parins, volunteer and “Marathon Mascot”

Growing up St. John’s was a safe Haven. I counted on teachers, priests and the community to protect and care for me when things were difficult. So often I was gifted acts of love and caring – a smile, new clothing, delicious food and caring hugs. I know that the St. John’s church family shaped the man I was to become.  Today I do my level best to share what I’ve been given. I work out and race in the Cellcom Marathon for the same reasons others helped me – because we are connected and it makes all the difference to offer love and support as we’re able. I’m grateful I am in a position to care for others. I stand on so many St. John’s Shelter staff and volunteer shoulders, and I am certain that love grows as I do my part each day.

Please come along by joining the St. John’s Race Team. Let’s keep the love alive!

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