Mindfullness at Wellspring

“Come in, settle down and observe your mind and body.” – Jody, Mindfulness facilitator

At the Mindfulness workshop at Wellspring, guests can connect with their breath and become more aware of themselves. Our minds go all the time, and our lives are so busy and stressful. Focusing on your breath connects the mind and body. The goal is to connect with ourselves, and Jody, the facilitator, says that the good news is that the practice is portable. You can do it while walking or whatever activity you are doing.

Why Wellspring? Jody says that she used to work as a homeless case manager and wants to give back in a space with other women and in a place to build connection. She has been practicing mindfulness for 18 years, and is part of the Open Heath Mindfulness Community. Although it is only her fourth time volunteering, she’s already started offering the workshops. She hopes to continue to expend the mindfulness workshop to focus on specific meditations to nurture self love and kindness.

Jody says, “It takes an effort and it takes courage to become aware of your thoughts and emotions.”Currently, the workshops are scheduled every other Tuesday at noon at Wellspring. View the Wellspring event calendar, updated monthly, at the bottom of their webpage to see when the next workshop will be offered.

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