Meal teams a family affair

Volunteer opportunities bring the family closer together while helping those in shelter

St. John's Ministries meal teams can be a family affair and make an impact on those in shelter who are hungry and looking for support.

Brianna grew up with an example of service. Her mom made it a family affair and was involved in homeless outreach, meal teams and programs, and food pantries. She has seen firsthand many times how something we take for granted can transform someone’s day or outlook on life.

Her “why” for volunteering goes deeper than just something that was modeled for her.

Reflecting on being a young single mother herself and receiving help from others, Brianna says “The simplest acts of kindness were overwhelming during those tough times, and I’ll never forget how it made me feel — like somebody cared and I wasn’t alone. Now that I’m financially stable, it’s imperative to me that I give back selflessly and freely, just as my mother raised me to do, and just as I’m raising my son to do. It’s not an obligation to me but rather a desire to pay it forward.” 

Involving the whole family is very meaningful to Brianna. Her husband and son serve with her.

She says, “My son said he couldn’t wait to do it again [serve a meal]. His favorite part was conversing with the guests we served. Not only is he touching other people’s lives, but they’re also touching his. I’m grateful.”

The Hegewald-Wunsch family is just one of our many fantastic meal teams. Every night for six months out of the year (November through April), volunteer meal teams provide and prepare dinners and breakfasts to serve our guests at shelters. With two shelters this year, the need for more teams is greater than ever!

St. john’s Ministries still has a need for meals this month, with continued need into 2023.

If YOU would like to learn more about providing a meal, view our sign-ups here:
Men’s Shelter:
Women’s Shelter:

We are so thankful for our meal teams!

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