Making paper makes a difference

Even in a digital world, paper products surround us and help to make our lives better. At St. John’s Homeless Shelter, the Micah Center and Wellspring, paper products are always on our wish list. That’s why when our Operations Director Rob Frazier connected with Sales and Marketing Manager Mike Wittlin at Bedford Paper in De Pere, Mike’s willingness to help came with a sigh of relief. With two shelters in operation this winter in addition to our daytime resource centers, we were finding our organization operating “on empty” nearly all the time when it came to paper products: toilet paper, napkins, paper towel, paper cup and paper plates, to name a few.

Bedford Paper asked what our needs were and quickly jumped into action to help meet them with a donation of toilet paper, paper towels and napkins. Coming from a career in transportation logistics, Rob says, “Bedford Paper has been a long standing customer of Roehl Transport, and I have seen the incredible Business Partnership we have with them in transportation.  Bedford Paper came to mind as I thought of potential partners for St. John’s – As always Mike and the team did not disappoint!!  A true blessing for our guests and staff in 2021.”

For Bedford Paper, their desire to give back and make the community better is palpable. Mike says, “Bedford Paper was excited to donate our towel and tissue products to St. John’s Homeless Shelter.  We understand homelessness can be a reality for many, so it was an honor for our De Pere-based company to give back to the local community with this donation.  Special thanks to Zenith Express for donating their time and effort transporting the product from Bedford Paper to St. John’s Homeless Shelter.  It’s amazing to see everyone come together for such a great cause.”

St. John’s Shelter Manager Joe Wilmet said that this donation – three large pallets full of products – would likely get us through the remainder of our shelter season. We cannot be more appreciative of this generous donation and partnership with Bedford Paper.

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