Loving your neighbor this Christmas season

Support those experiencing homelessness with Christmas love by giving a gift card, bus pass, boots or winter gloves

Give a gift card to a guest at St. John's Ministries as a Christmas gift this year.

This Christmas, we may see upwards of 100 men and women per night experiencing homelessness at our two shelters in downtown Green Bay. Many ask, “How can I buy a Christmas gift for a guest?” or “How can I show love and care to a guest this Christmas?”

We are so thankful for the community members who work together to make our neighborhood stronger — and we invite you to participate in loving our guests this Christmas, and every day. Each year, we put out a Christmas Wish List and this year the items on our list are simple: gift cards, bus passes, hand warmers, winter boots and winter gloves.

The reason for a simple list is this: our guests don’t have space to store extra belongings. Rather than burdening them with items they may not need, we give a stocking with coveted items — gift cards and a bus pass — knowing that our donation room full of clothing and hygiene items remains available to all guests throughout the season.

And because our Christmas Wish List is so streamlined, we also invite you to shop from our monthly wish list this season!
St. John’s Ministries Monthly Wish List | Amazon Wish List | Walmart Wish List

Now operating two shelters, we use increased amounts of the basics: coffee, sugar, powdered creamer and especially cleaning products like disinfecting spray, disinfectant wipe, floor cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, air freshener spray and Windex. Your gift of everyday items this holiday season supports the work St. John’s Ministries does every day to support our guests.

Those experiencing homelessness are so thankful for community support. One guest said, “I am thankful for St. John’s Ministries’ shelter and resources they provide me. My life has been turned upside down this past year and I don’t know what I would do without the love and care I have received at the shelter. I am grateful to have a place to go as the winter weather approaches.”

You can find our full menu of Wish Lists here.
St. John’s Ministries Monthly Wish List | Amazon Wish List | Walmart Wish List

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