Values series: Integrity is all around us

Brunette sees integrity playing out around St. John’s Ministries because of the mission

Written by Jesse Brunette, community engagement specialist

Integrity is explained as “having a set of values and beliefs and sticking to them, even when it is inconvenient or difficult.”

Another definition of integrity is the ability to ignore negative social pressures to pursue what is just, kind, and charitable.

A person could find hundreds of justifications to avoid doing the right thing. But those with integrity push past convenient excuses in pursuing achievement in a worthwhile cause.

I am one of the newest employees at St. John’s Ministries. As part of our Community Engagement team, I am blessed by the opportunity to work alongside community members who are all called to this ministry for one reason or another.

Our mission is to honor dignity, restore hope, and create lasting change for those experiencing homelessness or housing instability. Interwoven is the integrity within people who have given their time, talents, and treasure to make our ministry successful. In other words, all our people — including you! — make our mission possible.

During my short time at St. John’s Ministries…

I have met a volunteer who has served breakfast to guests in our women’s shelter weekly for several years. She wakes up early and serves the meal before she goes to work. That is integrity.

I have witnessed community members from several professional fields come through our buildings for tours. They ask how to best advocate for the homeless in our community. That is integrity.

I have witnessed a staff member take the time to acknowledge shelter guests and engage in conversations. That is integrity.

I greeted our donors when they dropped off supplies and food during the frigid cold so guests could be provided the necessities of life the week of Christmas. That is integrity.

I have helped guests diligently check off their assigned chores on the shelter’s daily to-do list. These tasks help us clean and maintain our facilities, which allows us to be efficient in serving more people. The diligence of those guests is an example of integrity.

On behalf of St. John’s Ministries, I would like to thank everyone who has committed themselves to our mission and ministry. It is an honor to work alongside so many dedicated servants. Each of you personifies the most authentic forms of integrity in service to our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. We thank you!

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