In memory of Mike Dockry

By Brooke Graham, Volunteer Coordinator

A longtime friend, advocate and supporter of St. John’s passed way earlier this month. When I think of Mike Dockry, two words that immediately come to mind are “kind” and “sweet.” These two words on their own may seem generic, but the kindness and sweetness from Mike were the kind that wrapped around you like a hug and made you feel uniquely special and valued.

I was cleaning out my minivan this past week and happened upon a card penned by Mike just one month ago at Thanksgiving time. Referencing being away from St. John’s due to the pandemic, he included the note, “Missing all of you,” with a donation of much-needed blankets. Mike was always thinking of others and giving an encouraging word.

Read this tribute penned by a dear friend of Mike’s, and one of our own volunteers, Steve:

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