Holiday fundraiser with a Gingerbread twist

Joel Kiernan has embarked on an adventure to build at house out of gingerbread in order to support our homeless brothers and sisters at St. John’s. Joel was born and raised here in Green Bay, and he now goes to Stanford University where he studies engineering. He says, “When I was little, I used to really want to be a chef. Somewhere along the way, my ambitions changed, but one thing stayed the same: this gingerbread cathedral is in the back of one of our old cookbooks.” The gingerbread cathedral he is building is modeled after Notre Dame in Paris.

“Now that I’m on break from college, I decided that I am going to make this cathedral. However, I decided I only wanted to do it if it has a bigger meaning. So, I’m teaming up with St. John’s Homeless Shelter,” says Joel. “Together, we’re going to raffle off this gingerbread cathedral once it’s finished, with all proceeds going to St. John’s Homeless Shelter. I’m really excited for this adventure, but it will only mean something if you help make it mean something. To help St. John’s Homeless Shelter, I need you to buy raffle tickets or donate. So, remember to buy raffle tickets, and thank you for following along on this adventure!”

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Gingerbread FAQ

1) Is this edible? Unfortunately, no. While it is made with edible ingredients, the assembly of the cathedral requires glue that is not edible.

2) Has Joel done this before? No, but he loves to cook and has training as an engineer! He’ll share his journey and passion for giving back as well as the building process in his regular updates.

3) Will it be done by Dec. 21? Yes, 100%! Joel has been working to guarantee it will be done and beautiful on the 21st. His updates will show this!

How does it work?

Joel is building the gingerbread cathedral over the span of a week, and tickets are for sale for only $20/ea. for a chance to win the finished “home.” Each ticket = one entry into the drawing. 100% of proceeds benefit St. John’s Homeless Shelter, the Micah Center & Wellspring.

By building this grand home, he hopes to help St. John’s support those without a home this holiday season. We will post daily updates on the site between now and December 21!

The winner must be announced Dec. 21 with immediate delivery for Christmas! Delivery is only available in the greater Green Bay area, but pick-up is also possible.

Click here to purchase tickets and see his daily updates!

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