Group profile: Wellspring’s Women for Sobriety

We all get in cycles of negative thinking and know how that can affect all areas of our lives. For people working through addiction, cycles of negative thinking are often commonplace. The Women for Sobriety group approach centers around positive thinking and taking charge of your life rather than letting your life happen to you. This approach equips participants with the emotional foundation they need to start making better choices and loving yourself

.Group facilitator and Night Shift Coordinator Roberta Gaither says, “Many of those involved struggle with finding ways to get away from the people they do drugs or drink with. Green Bay is a small community and it is hard to get out of the negative cycles. I want them to feel safe and that it is an open space to talk, to feel welcomed and to know they are not alone.”

A big piece of healing from addiction is self-awareness and realizing triggers and when you are slipping from sobriety. When a woman comes to the Women for Sobriety group, she will be able to make a safety plan where she identifies the choices she could make other than using, someone you can call who is clean and sober to talk and get support. One woman who participated in the group had just gotten out of treatment and was struggling with not being able to get away from the people, places and things that were associated with her past and her addiction. Part of her struggle was doing this without isolating herself. For each woman, what led to addiction is unique. It could be family struggles, past traumas or poor self image, but whatever it is, it opens the door to negative thought patterns, affecting not just them but everyone around them.

Roberta says, “Women for Sobriety is a transforming of your mind, and this is what makes it unique. It is about self-awareness, shifting thinking will allow everything else to fall into place.”

Having struggled with addiction herself, Roberta knows first-hand what women in the group are going through. Roberta says that she struggled finding something that worked for her and wished she had found Women for Sobriety sooner. “Each person’s path to recovery is different and the unique approach of Women for Sobriety provides that option,” she says. “What I notice in a lot of cases is that they come from families that were broken, and they are looking for guidance, a listening ear and to know someone is there.”

The group focuses on three things overall: restoring hope, positive outlooks, and building a community of support. Roberta reiterates that everyone is welcome and that the group does not judge anyone, “It doesn’t’ matter what your background is,  alcohol, drug addiction or life recovery, Women for Sobriety covers it. For anybody, making better choices is going to lead them to better quality of living.”

Roberta says that she enjoys facilitating the group, because you never know how far one little bit of support can stretch. One person can then impact their family, friends, community; the impact can be great.

Women for Sobriety meets at Wellspring (413 Dousman in Green Bay) ever Monday at Noon.

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