What is GRITJ?

St. John's Ministries culture is defined by GRITJ.

Culture is defined as all the ways of life including arts, beliefs, and institutions of a population that are passed down from generation to generation.

The mission, vision and values of St. John’s Ministries are the foundation upon which the organization builds a legacy of service to the Green Bay community. One day in mid-April the year-round staff sat down to describe and foster the unique organizational culture of St. John’s Ministries. What came of that day were Team Guiding Principles.

These Team Guiding Principles express HOW all staff members will live the values as they interact with guests, volunteers, donors and with each other.

What was created that day was a list of Team Guiding Principles referred to as GRITJ.

Each letter in GRITJ stands for a meaningful word.

G = Grace
R = Respect
I = Integrity
T = Tenacity
J = Joy

Below is how the culture is defined by the staff at St. John’s Ministries and how each person will be treated when they walk through the doors at any of the four locations.

Grace is defined as extending and receiving kindness, even when not deserved. You can see grit in action when a staff member loves on another in challenging times, assumes the best in people, and doesn’t allow the past to determine the future.

Respect is defined as accepting others for who they are—even if you disagree or are different from them. You can see respect in action when a staff member is an active listener, speaks words of affirmation, and talks through conflict instead of avoiding conflict.

Integrity is defined as doing what is right—not what is easy. Even when no one is watching. You can see integrity in action when a staff member follows through on a commitment, is accountable for an action, is honest by admitting a mistake and seeking ways to improve, and never asks of others what they are not willing to do themselves.

Tenacity is defined as determining to live with purpose and intention. You can see tenacity in action when a staff member is the best version of themselves, does the hard and unnoticed work that needs to be done, and stays focused on the big picture and long-range plan.

Joy is defined as finding delight in your purpose. You can see joy in action when a staff member celebrates all successes (big or small), seeks ways to make someone else’s day better, and is gracious in all they do.

These Team Guiding Principles will set the tone for each individual that walks through the doors at St. John’s Ministries.

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