Foundations support St. John’s Ministries in 2022

Local foundations commit to helping those experiencing homelessness

St. John's Ministries received support from local foundations in the second half of 2022 to help those experiencing homelessness.

St. John’s Ministries has historically received a large portion of its funding from the local community — private donations, businesses, churches, etc. Lately, local foundations are recognizing the outstanding work being done to help those experiencing homelessness.

Both emergency shelters of last resort provide warmth, meals and a bed to get out of the winter elements. The two daytime resource centers offer services for forward movement. St. John’s Ministries works closely with those who don’t qualify for services elsewhere in the community.

In the 2022 calendar year, local foundations supported St. John’s Ministries with $155,559. They supported The Joseph Project, Guest Volunteer Program, Micah Center, Wellspring and general operations at both shelters.

Local foundations that have partnered with St. John’s Ministries are Fiduciary Partners (Arnold Fisher Trust), Schrieber Foods, Crime Prevention Foundation, Sam’s Club, Associated Bank, CoVantage Cares Foundation, Fox Cares Foundation and Little Rapids Corporation – Egan Family Foundation, Sisters of St. Joseph, Schneider National Foundation, Greater Green Bay Community Foundation and Otto Bremer Trust.

“We can’t thank our local foundations enough for the dedication they have made to making a difference in our community,” said Tony Schneider, St. John’s Ministries community engagement specialist. “We have had many great conversations about homelessness and how it is a community problem with a community solution.”

Through two months of shelter season, there have been 308 adults in shelter and over 6,000 total shelter nights have been provided. As well, almost 14,000 meals have been served to those in shelter and at the daytime resource centers.

Foundations are supporting The Jospeh Project, which is a four-day intensive, faith-based, job-employment training program that connects manufacturing organizations with guests. Guests that complete the program also receive transportation to and from their job to break down that barrier.

The Guest Volunteer Program assists guests in shelters with life skills and employment coaching. Guests work in areas around the shelter or daytime resource centers to make a difference. A guest can apply for a mini-grant through St. John’s Ministries to help move forward in life. This grant helps with the larger barriers like security deposits, rent, vehicle breakdowns, medical bills, etc.

Foundations have also seen the value in the Micah Center and Wellspring, which provide daytime resources. Having a place to go during the day without restrictions or a service fee is life-changing for some guests. They can use the computer lab, attend a class to better themselves or with a case manager.

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