Coffee Talk is empowering the women of Wellspring

By Patty Johnson, Community Resource Specialist at Wellspring

When the women of Wellspring gather during Coffee Talk, we never know where our conversation will take us. What we do know is that even when our experiences or opinions differ, support and understanding are at the heart of each discussion we share.

Not surprisingly, the topic of COVID 19 arose during a group. Fear, isolation and loneliness were the common thread. In the true spirit of our discussions, positive suggestions, coping skills, gratitude and even a few silver linings emerged. Gratitude was found in personal health and that of family and friends. Fears were acknowledged and shared. Silver linings were found in strengthened relationships with family members and friends, time to pursue hobbies and for some the most basic security of a place to sleep at Shelter. Spirits were lifted with the strength and support of our Wellspring sisters.

Another group made its’ way down the path of the challenges, hardships and adjustments of homelessness and shelter life. The conversation shifted toward helplessness and the lack of control over personal situations. Optimism and hope are the building blocks of Coffee Talk. From those outside of the negative, respectful, caring suggestions were made and considered. Changes of attitude were explored. Coping skills were shared. Blessings in many forms were discovered. Hope was renewed. And all were empowered with these simple words from one of our sisters:

“Every night when we are back in Shelter, I look at each face around me and I thank God for bringing each of us back here, safe.”

“Every morning I wake up in Shelter and look at each face around me and I am grateful that God each of us another day.”

Simple gratitude for life we now share at every Coffee Talk gathering.

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