Because of you

St. John’s Ministries exists to serve those who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets in the harsh winter months. It started because Fr. Guy Blair and a collection of individuals saw the need to provide shelter, warmth and a meal so that no individual would be left behind.

Each person in our community deserves dignity and respect.

Since our early days in 2005, we have been able to accomplish so many important things to let each guest know they have the same inherent worth since the day they were born. They are someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, aunt and so on.

At times we get caught up in the day-to-day successes and pace of forward movement, and we don’t always say thank you enough. The word ‘we’ gets used too often when stories are told. In reality, the word ‘you’ needs to be expressed more often.

Because of you the donor, St. John’s Ministries provided shelter to 564 individuals this past shelter season (the busiest season in the organization’s history). Because of you, those individuals were provided safety, warmth and a meal when they wouldn’t have it otherwise. Thank you.

Because of you the donor, the Micah Center and Wellspring are available as a daytime resource center for men and women who are looking to get on or continue on a path to success. St. John’s staff sees the smiles and disappointments, lends a hand when needed, and at times is a listening ear or a giver of advice when the moment is needed. Because of you, that can happen. Thank you.

Because of you the volunteer, each guest is provided a warm meal for dinner and breakfast. The voice on the other end of the phone is positive, inviting and able to answer a variety of questions. The smile each guest receives when you the volunteer are there to play cards, have a conversation or just listen. The ability to provide a new winter jacket, pair of boots or t-shirt to a guest when they are in need wouldn’t happen without our dedicated volunteers in the donation room. You, the volunteer, give of your time, treasures and talents so selflessly. Thank you.

Because of you the supporter, each guest knows that they have their most basic needs met either with a pair of socks, backpack or snack. We don’t take for granted the quality and quantity of items donated to St. John’s on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Thank you.

The word ‘we’ gets used too often when talking about St. John’s Ministries because it happens out of habit sometimes. We, the staff provide services and resources to guests. We, the organization provide meals and a place to be sheltered. We, we, we.

In reality, it’s YOU. It’s because of you the donor, the volunteer and the supporter that St. John’s Ministries exists to provide shelter, warmth, meals, services and resources to those in our community who need assistance during a difficult time in their life.

Thank you.


Steve Schauer
Director of Community Engagement

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