Bay Shore Bike Club gives transportation another meaning

Barriers are an everyday occurrence for guests served by St. John’s Ministries. Barriers are an obstacle that prevents movement or access. Some of the more common barriers for guests are mental health, addiction, physical disabilities, lost or missing documentation and transportation.

Transportation barriers can have a very clear solution but can be difficult for many guests to overcome due to the high cost to purchase and insure a vehicle, and the regular maintenance. For many, having reliable transportation is the deciding factor in whether a job is accepted or even applied for. Having limited ways to get around the community can also limit living options for many guests. Often asking themselves, “Can I make it to work every day?” or “Am I able to access local resources from this apartment?”

Enter Dave and Cathy Burrows, active members of The Bay Shore Bike Club (BSBC) of Green Bay. Dave & Cathy have been running the BSBC Used Bike Program for almost 20 years. The program rehabs and supplies bicycles, locks, lights and helmets to area homeless shelters. They have been providing bikes and supplies to St. John’s for nine years.

The BSBC Used Bikes Program, usually has members assemble during a mechanics’ clinic to collectively repair donated bikes from that year and donate them to St. John’s. The only requirement to receive a bicycle is that a guest secures employment. This way they have reliable transportation to maintain employment and continue moving forward.

Case Manager, Tollef Wienke said, “during the 2021-22 shelter season, because of Dave and Cathy, we were able to provide 39 guests with bikes to get to and from work.”

The Used Bikes Program funds itself through grants from the Brown County Community Women’s Club, community donations and rest stop donations at some of Wisconsin’s largest bike tours, including the Spectacular Annual Great Bike Ride Around Wisconsin (SAGBRAW) from 2010-16 and Cellcom gel stops from 2013-19.

Since 2013, when the Used Bikes Program started supporting St. John’s Ministries they have supplied 258 bicycles and 478 locks to guests. If you would like to support the BSBC Used Bikes Program, you may contact Cathy at

Thank you for your continued support and generosity, Dave and Cathy!

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