Two pages of a hand-written graduation speech written on lined notebook paper

Dear Joseph Project

The Joseph Project, a four-day intensive job employment training course created by Senator Ron Johnson, was recently held at the Micah Center and 11 participants graduated. At the end of …

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Photo of St. John's Ministries guest named Paul wearing black framed glasses and an orange hooded sweatshirt with the hood down

Sacrifice and self-sufficiency

Sacrifice is defined as giving up for the sake of others and self-sufficiency is the ability to maintain oneself without outside aid. Paul has been a guest at St. John’s …

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Tony Schneider, Community Engagement Specialist at St. John's Ministries

Staff Spotlight – Tony Schneider

Tony Schneider, St. John’s Community Engagement Specialist, has been connecting with donors, writing grants and assisting in a variety of community engagement activities since he started in September. He previously …

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a male St. John's Ministries guest smiling while standing outside of the building in a black jacket, green hooded sweatshirt, and a red winter hat

I am more than being a homeless person

The homeless just want to be heard and seen. Being homeless isn’t a choice. It can happen because of several situations; a loss of one’s apartment because the rent is …

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the six members of the Kairos Men standing together side-by-side in front of a forest of trees with autumn leaves in the background

Volunteer Spotlight – Kairos Men

We wanted to bring this story back to the forefront after the Kairos Men were recognized on December 16 as the Volunteer Center of Brown County’s Volunteers of the Week. …

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