Alpha Group at St. John’s Shelter

Chris (left) and Brittany (right) at last year’s Alpha group that was supported by a team from Thrivent.

“We have a passion for helping people,” says Brittany. She and her husband Chris facilitate the Alpha group at St. John’s Homeless Shelter each week. It started recently on Jan. 17 with 12 people attending. Last year was the inaugural year for the group at St. John’s, and Brittany says it grew and grew each week. Alpha gives people the space to ask those life questions everyone has: “Does God exist?” or “I don’t understand this scripture or part of the bible…?” At Alpha, there is no judgement only discovery and the opportunity to dive deeper into the meaning of life.

Alpha is held weekly on Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m., and guests are encouraged to come at any time. They build relationships and can refresh after a long week, all while finding a deeper connection to God.

The group starts by eating together. Then, they watch a video that helps spark conversation on different ideas. In small groups, they talk about what they watched and ask questions.

Interested in Alpha?

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