Starting a new job, a new life chapter

A story of resilience, determination, and new beginnings.

A passion for excellence, safety, and efficiency. Perceptive and discerning in both verbal and non-verbal communication. Leading with a growth culture mindset that inspires employees and strengthens leadership.

20 years experience as forklift operator. 25 years in landscaping. 15 years in the restaurant business, including time in management. 

These lines from his resume, his interviewing skills, and overall demeanor got him the job.

But this chapter of his life could have taken a very different path had it not been for the support of St. John’s Ministries.

One guest (who is thrilled to start a new job) shares his story:

“Six weeks ago I had nothing but my red cooler. Someone noticed that I looked cold and asked: ‘do you know about St. John’s Ministries?’ I walked into the Micah Center at 8am on a Monday morning.

I set a goal that first morning here – to get a job, to get on my feet. From that point forward this place helped me so much.

My case manager, Miguel transported me and others from St. John’s to a job fair. It seemed to be good luck that it landed on my birthday. I was determined to find the start of my next chapter through connections made there. It worked.

I am proud to be starting a job now. This place is great – it has 401k, benefits, insurance, I get to work Monday through Saturday. I’ll tell you one thing: I am ready to work.  Things turned out better than I thought they could.

St. John’s Ministries steered me in the right direction. I asked for help, I got the help, and I took initiative with the help that was provided. My case manager Miguel shared with me, “I remember what you said on the first day, and you made it happen.”

Now I’m feeling happier about myself. I’m closer to having a roof over my head. Everything is starting to work out.

It’s amazing how much things changed for me in less than two months. If it wasn’t for St. John’s Ministries, I wouldn’t know what to do. I’d be lost, still.

I’ve come a long way from when my only possession was that red cooler. Now, I’m going to spread the word so others like me can succeed.

The community needs to know more about the good that happens here. I’m a better person because I came to St. John’s Ministries.

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