A mission to change and support society

By Cassidy Baciak

My name is Cassidy Baciak.  I am 11 years-old, and I am on a mission to create change!

When George Floyd was killed, I knew I had to do something about racism.  I started to raise funds to donate to Justice in June.  They were currently working on building a website to create awareness on the topic in hopes of inspiring others to make a difference.  When I started raising money for this, it opened my eyes that there are so many other charities that need attention.  I thought, “Why pick one charity to help and support when I could help create change in so many different things and do more for more charities?”

That is when I decided to make a fundraising organization called Operation C.A.S.S. (Change and Support Society).  I (with the help of my awesome friends I call the Donation Dudes), am focusing on bringing positive change into our society.  Our goal is to use our talents and kindness to help the world around us change for the better.  We are starting in our own community.  You can find us with treats and sometimes other items for sale on my neighborhood corner and all the donations go directly to a charity at the end of the month.  Each month, those donating have a choice between two charities that are working so very hard to help change and support society.  At the beginning of each new month, two new charities are chosen for the operation.

I chose St. John’s Homeless Shelter as one of my charities for the month of August.  I chose them because I am so very fortunate to have an amazing home of love and it breaks my heart that some people do not get to experience that.  St. John’s helps others experience that and provides help and love to them.  When I see people on the street, I just want to be able to help and give them some of what I have.  So, I raise money to maybe help even a few of them.

Young people should get involved in charity work because kids are the future of the world.  If kids help with charity work now, they can carry on with it when they are older.  Plus, it makes you feel awesome.  It makes me feel good inside knowing that I am making a difference in peoples lives and that is why I do what I do.  It is so important to give back and if kids help now, they can change the world in the future.  Please consider donating to a charity, volunteering or just being kind to one another.  Please help change and support society.

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