6 ways to create change

By Alexa Priddy, Director of Community Engagement

The See Me campaign is designed to raise awareness about homelessness in the Green Bay community and inspire everyone to be part of the solution.

But what does being “part of the solution” mean? 

Sometimes the problems in our community seem too big or too far outside our grasp for us to feel like any small thing we do will create change. Sure, you’ve heard of the ripple effect and how one drop makes an ocean of impact, but you might not really believe it. I get it.

Here’s a list of six simple ways you can create change for St. John’s Homeless Shelter, The Micah Center and Wellspring. If you picked even one thing, you’d put a smile on many faces.

1)  Sign-up for Something. I know your inbox is full, because mine is, too! But you can be someone who knows information and shares it by simply scrolling the few emails we send each month. You could also follow us on Facebook or Instagram if that’s more your thing. Because you’re “in the know,” you can then start attending fun events or volunteering when the time is right. So, what are you waiting for? (email sign-up on our homepage).

2)  Give a Wish List Item. Paper cups. Yes, that’s it. The simple items are what we often run out of and are so thrilled to receive as donations. We keep our Amazon Wish List updated, so you can see what is most pressing. You can order from Amazon or just take the list to your favorite store.

3) Make the Most of Your Time. We have a lot of opportunities for you to share your talents and make your time feel well-spent. From volunteering with our guests or our daily operations to helping with outreach efforts or our Joseph Project volunteer driver program. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to talk about the possibilities!

4) Be a Connecter. It may be your church, your employer or your underwater basket weaving group (if this actually exists, I want to join you!), but think of how you could help connect your friends, family and co-workers to the St. John’s family. Service groups spend a few hours or a day together working on a volunteer project. Teams make and serve a meal together. Church groups bake food or donate supplies. Employers become sponsors for our Restoring Hope Gala. And on and on. But it all comes from you making that first connection.

5) Inspire a Young Person. Kids are more creative than any adult, I’m convinced! From starting lemonade stands to forming neighborhood clothing drives, the options are limitless, and we want to connect kids to the spirit of giving back to those in need.

6) Make a Donation. None of us are made of money, and that’s ok. But dollars do help us continue to stay afloat. We actually don’t receive any government funding. All of what we receive comes from community members like you and a few foundation grants. That’s why every single dollar is cherished, and we pride ourselves in being good stewards of what you give to St. John’s. Donations of any amount make a huge collective impact…can you spare some change? Maybe even a monthly donation of $20? Here’s where you can learn all about ways to give.

The See Me campaign shows you the real people in your community that have faced homelessness. Each person, just like you and I, has hopes and dreams. At St. John’s, we walk alongside people as their hope is restored and they attain their goals toward self-sufficiency. And doing that with each person is what creates lasting change in our community.

If you’re reading this and made it to the end of the blog, my final question is what one thing can you do today, even right now, to walk alongside us and help your homeless brothers and sisters in Green Bay?

Please connect with me to talk more or share your ideas.


Email: apriddy@sjehs.org

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