Month: February 2021

Making paper makes a difference

Even in a digital world, paper products surround us and help to make our lives better. At St. John’s Homeless Shelter, the Micah Center and Wellspring, paper products are always on our …

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‘Help for the Homeless’ Hygiene Drive

For many years, St. John’s has been a proud participant in The Family’s annual “Help for the Homeless” hygiene drive in Brown County. What is it? The “Help for the …

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Finding his path

“I’ve lost a lot in the past decade,” says St. John’s guest Ron Pukel, “and I’m crawling my way out.” On November 1, 2020, Ron was faced with the devastating …

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Handmade from the heart

When someone in the community uses their talents to benefit St. John’s, we can’t help but feel humbled and grateful as an organization. Frank and Deb reached out to do …

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Making over and giving back

Dana Martin is a stylist with ColorStreet (the nail polish strips for your fingertips!), and this past November she and her husband, Matt, were invited by a St. John’s staff …

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